Friday, March 30, 2012

Lady handing flowers to a man in a restaurant

A little 4 year old little girl with her parents gave me a little orange flower and said that the food she had a Moroccos Restaurant is the most delicious food she ever had in her life and that she thought that the orange colored flower will match our restaurant colors. cute!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Introducing a hybrid of New world / Old world VIP treatment

Some people just earn more money than others. Some people have the concentrated amount of earning power that 100s of people do have all together. Some people seek a special touch when they go out...especially when they are the ones that have chosen the dining destination...
Think about it, personally, i am more concerned about my guests experience that my own as i am already sold on the establishment...
The challenge that many of my VIPS when going out to celebrate the conclusion of a deal closed, either a massive catering, a wedding or just because they want to share with me their latest closest acquired clientele face the oh so common vip treatment that is just not personalized and nameless.
I introduced an amazing vip program, did 4 events using it with 2 vip guests that did it a second time within  1 month of doing one. one called it the: Close the deal program, the other guest called it The Celebrity program...If your guests are worth more than $300 to me, i would love to chat and explain on why they named it so.